Foundation Board Member Highlight: Anthony Vennero ’97

Foundation Board Member Highlight

Q. You are currently the Chair of the SUNY Poly Foundation Board of Directors and the Co-Chair of the Alumni Committee. What does it mean to you to serve SUNY Poly? 

A. As a SUNY alum myself, it is an honor to be able to serve as the Chair of the SUNY Foundation Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the Alumni Committee. Being part of Foundation Board, I collaborate with fellow board members to bring forward business expertise, community involvement and support for SUNY Poly. We help fund student scholarships, programs and endeavors that further propels SUNYPOLY into a world class educational institution. Through the Alumni Committee, I connect with alumni and further strengthen their involvement with SUNY Poly. There is no better reward than contributing to the growth and direction of SUNY Poly Institute. 

Q. How has SUNY Poly changed since your graduation? 

A. I graduated in 1997 from what was then, SUNY IT. Since then, SUNY IT merged with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to form, what we know today as, SUNY Poly. The merger created five colleges within the institute, expanding the programs offered and ultimately their enrollment. The immense change since graduating in ’97 proves the continuous growth SUNY Poly commits to making now and in the future. 

Q. How did SUNY Poly prepare you for your career? 

A. SUNY Poly provided me an excellent education with a bachelors of science in electrical engineering technology. My experience in industry sparked a greater exploration within the engineering field for future, energy-efficient technology. I am now the President and owner of Potentia Management Group, a green technology company located in New Hartford, NY. Potentia focuses on energy-efficient products including LED lighting and EV charging stations. I have taken my knowledge of electrical engineering gained while at SUNY Poly to improve businesses around New York State. 

Q. What is your fondest memory of when you attended SUNY Poly? 

A. When thinking back to my time attending SUNY Poly, I remember most fondly the knowledgeable and friendly professors who provided a lot of career guidance and industry insight. My professors at SUNY Poly impacted my interest of engineering and businesses. They also left a lasting impression of being engaging and thought provoking to students, which I carry on as an adjunct professor at SUNY Poly. 

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