Utica Nonprofit’s Generous Donation

A Utica-area nonprofit joined SUNY Poly this year in the university’s ongoing efforts to eliminate food insecurity among students, faculty and staff through “Poly Pantry” – an on-site location which distributes donated food and essential living items at no cost.

Compassion Coalition, Inc., which focuses on community-based giving throughout the Central New York region, made a generous donation of six mini-fridges for residential students as the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact the U.S.

“Compassion Coalition is proud to partner with the administration of SUNY Poly to serve students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rachel Daughtry, Compassion Coalition’s Director of Agency Relations. “Compassion Coalition’s donation is just a piece of the larger puzzle of our community coming together during these uncertain times. We are thankful for our partnerships, and the hard work that everyone is doing to bring unity.”

“We believe in our community, and partnerships like those with Poly Pantry to get our products directly into the hands of individuals who need it most.”

Also, the Walmart Distribution Center partnering with the Compassion Coalition, donated refrigerators and microwaves for those students with a need who remained on campus as a result of special circumstances during the COVID shutdown.

The on-site food pantry, part of an initiative launched by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to help provide SUNY/CUNY students with “stigma-free access” to food and essential living items, was implemented in January 2019.

Since its foundation in 2019, “Poly Pantry” has assisted 968 members of the SUNY Poly community and has given away 8,109 pounds of food and 4,600 pounds of essential non-food items.

“I am extremely grateful for the support from ‘Poly Pantry’ during this crucial time,” said an anonymous student. “The resources are helpful and the delivery of the products is sufficient.  The small details, such as nutrients and toiletries essentials, were taken care of very effectively.”

Notes of Thanks From Our Students

            Since this is the time where we want to avoid going to stores, Poly Pantry has helped us to the best. I did not have hand wash for at least 3 weeks, couldn’t find it even in stores like Walmart and Price Chopper. I really thank Poly Pantry for supplying us food and some items which we really needed.

Thanks & regards,
Kesava Kaushik

            I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude towards the work you and the Poly Pantry team are doing. I hope you understand the ways in which you are helping students out even during such a crisis, it means a lot when people like you and your team do so much for the international community as well putting forth an example of borderless humanity. I would like to let you know that I respect your team and you for the efforts you are making for the community even when there is such a risk surrounding us.

Thank you so much,
Karan Sehgal

            Thank you so much for whoever is behind supplying us the essentials especially in such a crucial situation worldwide. Please continue the great work that you’ve been doing. Take care. 

Best regards,
Surya Vamsi Kolavennu

            The service provided by Poly Pantry is marvelous. It actually helped me with all the things which are not available at the stores.

Krupali Solanki

            I am really grateful for the support from the Poly Pantry during this crucial time. We were unable to purchase the toiletries and other essentials from the stores but the pantry is offering a helping hand. The resources are really helpful and the delivery of the products is sufficient, the small details such as nutrients, toiletries, and essentials are also taken care of very effectively.

            I really thank all helping bodies for working for a good cause.

 Thank you & regards,
Akshara Lagwankar

           I would like to thank you for the effort  to help reach out to the students and giving us what we need in times like this.

           Poly Pantry has always been very helpful for us.

 Thanks & regards,
Sushmitha Chirumamilla

           It’s great that you are supplying food and other items especially during this quarantine. Thank you for reaching out to us through the email regarding the items and giving them. We are glad that we are able to utilize the opportunity. Please continue this good work.

           Thank you. Take care, Stay safe during quarantine. 

Snigdha Daida

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