Professors Robert Edgell and Daryl Lee Publish Research on Creativity Reimagined Universities in Journal of Creativity 

Associate Professor of Humanities Dr. Daryl Lee and Professor of Technology Management Dr. Robert Edgell published, “Theorizing creative challenges: Why are social creativity and reimagined universities necessary for tackling society’s problems?” in the Journal of Creativity
The article seeks to “understand why social creativity is an important variable for a theory of creative challenges and why educational institutions can, if reimagined, be ideal for developing this capacity.” 

Ultimately, the research group clarifies “rationales for why social creativity, comprising interdisciplinarity, design thinking, and entrepreneurial acumen, as well as the university reimagined are critical for more complete theorizing about creative challenges. Those who research, practice, and make policy for social change should find our observations, reflections, and analysis useful.” 

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